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seeking volunteers

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An IRC network involves one or more servers that are running an IRCd, allowing users with an IRC client to connect to the server and chat with other users on the network. IRC networks are usually free and open to the public, and they all have rules that outline what the network can and can’t be used for. They are maintained by opers, helpers or other staff members who typically volunteer their spare time to help the network and there are many IRC networks throughout the world.

Needed: Friendly people who talk a lot, who are willing to help others and want to learn more about NationCHAT network itself.

As we are growing we are seeking support staff with advanced knowledges based on GNUWorld Services, Nefarious2 IRCD, eggdrop bots or any other skills who can help us improve or develop new stuffs for NationCHAT Network.

Mods in this position will be granted certain privileges and expected to help users with common IRC issues because hundreds if not thousands of users will have questions and concerns. Our goal is to be there for them.

We’d prefer to fill the positions with NationCHAT users – so if you think you may have the necessary experience for one of our Staff positions and you’d like to help NationCHAT on this journey please see our Staff application opened positions.

Understand that becoming a Staff member at NationCHAT Network requires the time and attention of a lot of people to verify your application, conduct an interview and then arrange a test. If you aren’t 100% committed to being a team member here, don’t waste the time of our recruiters or administrators as they have limited time to spare and don’t need to be given the run around by folks who aren’t genuinely interested in getting involved.

If you are still interested at this point, congratulations, you might be what we are looking for. Please click on the following LINK to be taken to our recruitment form.

It’s not just a job, it’s a frickin’ adventure!

Enjoy NationCHAT!

Kind regards,
NationCHAT Team

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