Welcome to the NationCHAT Servers page. NationCHAT has multiple servers for the users and the most interesting thing is that we are the first network (with GNUWorld Services) to offer IPv6 enabled servers


If you want to take a look at NationCHAT, you can do so by using one of the next servers. It is always advisable to get a server that is geographically the closest to you. If you want to pick a random server, you can also use

ServerLocationIPv4IPv6PortsSSLSSL PortsStatus

Main Servers International6667 – 7000+6697 International6667 – 6669+6697

IPv4 Servers

United States New York, NY6667 – 7000+6697

IPv6 Servers

United States New York, NY6667 – 6669+6697

If you are interested in linking with us please visit Routing-Com.