NationCHAT IRC Network

NationCHAT is always looking for talented, dedicated staff members to expand our pool of talent and improve our infrastructure in order to provide the best network possible.

We need people who feel they can effectively help other users on IRC, may it be general questions about commands and effects, specific IRC commands or how to find documents which could further help with IRC commands and knowledge.

As long as you’re friendly and active, you’re almost there!

If you’d like to volunteer to become a staff member, please review our staff application page for a list of available positions.

We have reorganized the network and now looking forward to expand to ASIA and Europe.

So, if you have an Asian or European stable datacenter server with available bandwidth, resources and some basic userbase, please review and submit our server application.

Enjoy NationCHAT!

Kind regards,
NationCHAT Team

E-mail help@nationchat.org with any suggestions or comments
Services URL: http://services.nationchat.org
Nationchat URL: http://www.nationchat.org