Public Channel Stats (live) for all channels

Public Channel Stats

We’re excited to announce that NationCHAT ‘Public Channel Stats for all‘ are now available for some of our chat channels!

The ‘Public Channel Stats‘ are generated by us through pisg – Perl IRC Statistics Generator and re-generated as often as possible.

Since this service is free of charge, the intervals are usually between 60 and 90 minutes depending on the amount of the stats to be calculated.

Check out #NationCHAT channel stats webpage for example here.

If you are interested in getting stats for your channel, just head over to our #Help channel and ask an IRCop (LastNinja or IRCuser) to bring Butler into your channel.

Once Butler is there, you’ll be able to access your channel stats through a custom URL for the NationCHAT stats page (channel must average at least 20 users – Games/Trivia channels will not be included at this time).

We’re hoping to bring more services like this to the NationCHAT Chat Network, so stay tuned!

Enjoy NationCHAT!

Kind regards,
NationCHAT Team

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