2nd anniversary of NationCHAT IRC network (the place where fun begins)

Happy Anniversary NationCHAT!

www.NationCHAT.Org – The place where fun begins!

Who thought we would last this long? Many predicted we wouldnt last a month let alone a year. Just as many, even some of those same people, tried their hardest to end what we had created. Despite all the bullshit, attacks and hacks we managed to survive.

June 30th marks the two year anniversary of the first public release of NationCHAT Network. Since then, many bugs have been fixed and a few new features added.

The most important change to the project is the addition of people to the NationCHAT Staff, without whom the ‘services’ would not have been possible.

It’s weird thinking we’ve been on this IRC NetWork for two years now. We’re glad to have been able to to keep it running and we hope to do so for many years to come.

It is thanks to the you, the users, that we have been able to remain interested in making NationCHAT better and better.

Speaking of years to come, we’d like for you all to tell us what things you might want NationCHAT Network to do for you in the next few months.

We’ve got a few other ideas, but what would you like to do?

Any games you want to try?

Features you want the website to have?

Let us know!

And, of course, this is your annual reminder that you can be part of our team too, just take a look at our open positions.

So here is to another two years! Cheers!

Thanks for staying with us in these difficult times!

Enjoy NationCHAT!

Kind regards,
NationCHAT Team

E-mail help@nationchat.org with any suggestions or comments
Services URL: http://services.nationchat.org
Nationchat URL: http://www.nationchat.org